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  "I literally painted out of my closets growing up. We didn't have a special place where I could keep my supplies and artwork available to just pick up and flourish with a piece. I had an efficiency apartment when I moved out after graduating from college and I made a select place in one of my closets where I could paint. Now, many years later, we have a fantastic new house we built in 2009 and my husband insisted we have a studio for me. It is phenomenal and located in the loft of our wonderful home with a beautiful view of our surrounding area, where we are just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in Ashe County, NC."  
  "We live in the most beautiful part of the world in West Jefferson, NC. We have untouched beauty here. Each season brings the bountiful grace of nature in its purest form. The wildlife runs free and the wild flowers flow from county to county in beauty that only fresh mountain air can bring. The winters bring beautiful snow that blankets the land allowing it to rest for the next wondrous spring.  
  Here I can draw inspiration from the stunning world we live in - creating art that captures a moment in time of the beauty of the earth. With my husband, John, and our puppies, Reilly and Copper at my side, I melt into the surrounding quiet, calm of the earth and paint."    

"A work of art which did not begin in emotion is not art."

Paul Cezanne




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