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Life with Cyn



Artist, Choreographer, Landscaper:
“I have always been active all my life. I can’t sit still. Being creative at everything I do, is my goal and desire. It just comes to me naturally. I feel, creative people view the world in a special way. We tend to take things that are necessary and add flare and color to create a vision, making things more appealing to your senses. My life has always been full of painting, music and dance. In addition to painting for myself and entering exhibits and galleries, I’ve also been commissioned to paint many subjects -- including murals, hand painted wall paper and I’ve designed stage sets for our local arts council.”

Cynthia has to have several projects going on at one time.
“While painting and creating at home, I was a member of every type of band in school playing the flute, piccolo and alto sax in marching bands, concert bands and jazz bands. I played the piano from age 5 until 18, competing and performing in hundreds of concerts. After graduating from college and moving out on my own, I yearned for more activity and found aerobics. I became a Certified Aerobics Instructor in 1985 and I still teach today. I am also certified in Zumba® and Zumba Toning®. I love the classes I teach. It makes me feel alive and I can feel the synergy with my class members.. It’s exhilarating.”

Nature is essential to happiness.
From the time I was a very little girl, I had my own flower garden. From that point on, I have been designing landscaping everywhere I go for myself and for my friends. My husband and I built our second home in 2009 and I was lucky enough to have my own tractor. I love toying with the land –there is no end to what you can design and create. The minute I set foot outside, I feel a comfort come over me – I feel the glow of nature.”


"I perhaps owe having become a

painter to flowers"

Claude Monet



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